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2023 Furniture Trends Round-up

2023 furniture trends koket

American brand KOKET knows the importance of following trends in the Interior Design industry, experimenting with new techniques, and also being the pioneer in the use of rare and opulent materials. For 2023 KOKET lays out furniture trends that are set to be big hits in the upcoming year and introduces some of their own.

Design enthusiasts advocate more and more for individuality and aesthetic freedom. As a result, in 2023 Interior Designers will be working with styles from both sides of the spectrum – contemporary and art déco. Accent chairs and sofas will majorly feature curved lines and classical shapes from the 1960s, abandoning clean and modern lines from modular upholstery designs.

Art Déco

The Great Gatsby movie set, designed by Catherine Martin and Karen Murphy, inspired one of the most popular Interior Design styles: Art Déco. High-end craftsmanship, old-school luxury, and glamour – typical motifs from the 1920’s – are paired with velvet fabrics, sparkling gold, mirror accents, geometric shapes, and bold patterns.

The Lemprica Collection brings together the whirlwind decade of the 1920s with four different types of mirror – Smoked Mirror, Bronze Mirror, Clear Mirror and Aged Mirror. The Decadence Bookcase, an expression of Art Deco design, features two ornate metal semi-circles, joined in a glamorous union of sleek glass shelves.

Lemprica Side Table

Lemprica Mirror

Decadence Bookcase

Curved Lines

The curvier, the sexier. Curves add dimension and fluidity to a furniture piece, making it that much more interesting. The Serpentine Mirror is an unusual take on the very trendy oblong mirrors. The pear-shaped mirror with a snake’s skin hand-carved is the perfect way to add a touch of exotism.

The uninterrupted lines give the Vamp Sofa highly acclaimed glamour. Upholstered in sumptuous fabric, the cast brass metal resembling a thorn bush branch serves as a base for this luscious lounge sofa. In the Intuition Dining Table, the swirling metal ribbon features a two-tone metal base, topped with a perfect glass circle top.

Serpentine Mirror

Vamp Sofa

Intuition Dining Table

Statement Stone

Design enthusiasts can’t leave marble behind. The raw and natural look of the stone is continuously used in more and more creative ways – like in KOKET’s Vengeance Table Lamp – and in a wider range of furniture pieces. The glory of marble has shined throughout KOKET’s collection.

Travertine has gained popularity as KOKET used it in its Paris Oval Dining Table. Adorned with striking antique brass snake pulls, the India bar cabinet will make a statement in any setting.

Vengeance Table Lamp

Paris Oval Dining Table

India Bar Cabinet

Feather Wallcoverings

Feathers are having a moment in the world of interiors and design. The opulence of the material makes it an obvious choice for Interior Designers who are working on luxurious projects. The splashes of wild colors and intricate patterns amaze the beholder and can be used in various ways. KOKET has developed a full collection of furniture with feather wallcoverings from dining chairs to bar cabinets.

The Divine Armoire was the first ever furniture piece to be covered in delicate natural feathers. Following it was the Merveille Dining Chair, which turned into a wondrous work of art by individually placing feathers in the back. Enticing admirers of exotic feather patterns can also indulge in an opulent Temptation Bar Cabinet.

Divine Armoire

Merveille Dining Chair

Temptation Bar Cabinet