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Storage Furniture by KOKET’s Masters

Through years of experience, KOKET is now an expert at creating smart storage solutions for its clients, while providing an outstanding design experience. Luxury design has been perceived as non-practical and as something without permission to touch. KOKET’s storage furniture has been breaking that stigma more and more, without losing sight of the lavish furnishing designs the brand has used for its audience. KOKET’s pieces are also customizable, to allow maximum adaptability.

After working with renowned Interior Designers for more than 10 years, KOKET has realized that usability is a factor that has gained more weight than ever, when looking for the right piece to include in a space. That’s why the brand’s collection features more than two dozen storage furniture designs, for every room of the house. More recently, KOKET launched the India Bar Cabinet, inspired by the allure of the South Asian country from which it is named after.

Bar Cabinets

The magic in India’s Bar Cabinet is in its striking antique brass snake pulls against a slab of Port Laurent Marble. Made through one of KOKET’s most ancient and complexed techniques – sand casting – the handles will blend with an opulent design aesthetic. But when the clock strikes five, the cabinet opens up to a full-fledged bar with three smoked glass shelves and side storage furniture as well.

In the absence of a full wet bar, a cabinet – or two – can work really well in a niched space. Bar Cabinets often feature multiple shelves and drawers to allow consumers to store everything in one single place.

Temptation Bar Cabinet

Spellbound Bar cabinet


Increasingly oriented towards living rooms and dining rooms, cabinets often occupy large spaces, varying in proportions, details, and finishes. KOKET’s Camilia Cabinet, in Mother of Pearl Gold as above, was created to grace the most regal spaces with elegance and splendor. Inspired by the aristocratic places of the Alexandrian pashas of Egypt, the mother of pearl is crowned by an artisan hand-carved peacock, meticulously engraved and delicately finished with metal leaf.

KOKET’s Cabinet Collection offers various solutions, adequate for different spaces. Sinful Cabinet, covered in a black stingray patterned leather, features more drawer space in sleek black glass and adorned with polished gold accents. Opium Cabinet is KOKET’s modern choice. The geometric design is complemented with various textiles interspersed and a similar interior layout as the Spellbound Cabinet.

Orchidea Cabinet


The slight French pronunciation of Armoire gives away its European roots, dating back to the 1500’s. As older homes weren’t built with closets, Armoires would fulfill that purpose. Nowadays, they are a luxurious addition to a living room and convey a very opulent atmosphere to a space. KOKET’s Divine Armoire was a part of the brand’s debut, back in 2010. It features two glass shelves and four deep bottom drawers. The doors are available in any of KOKET’s Wallcovering patterns to contrast with the Chloe Handle in Gold Plated Brass with a Hammered Pique finish.

Armoires offer vertical storage, which is considered by many Interior Designers to be the cleverest way to organize a home and can go back to its initial purpose as a substitute for a closet. At KOKET, clients can choose between shelves and a hanging rack, to adapt the Armoire to their specific needs.

Parisian Armoire

Heive Armoire