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5 Luxury Dining Room Ideas

The Dining Room is the place to gather your friends and family while enjoying a sophisticated meal, prepared with so much care to give your guests a magical experience and a great memory to hold on to. Dining Rooms vary on size, function and how regularly they’re used. For every option KOKET has an idea to share with you. Continue reading to explore 5 Luxury Dining Room Ideas and get some valuable inspiration!

In the Lap of Luxury

Separated from the rest of the home to create an intimate atmosphere, this dining room decor has left us hypnotized. Abou Samra Designs completed this space with KOKET’s Nahéma Dining Chair. The hand details in casted brass with a glimmering high gloss finish tie the center stage with the surrounding gold hints in the chandelier and room separator.

Contemporary Chic

Luxury has changed in the last few years. The contemporaneity of slim lines and curved shapes is a must-have criterion for modern dining rooms like this one by SHROFFLEóN. The Intuition Dining Table has traveled through time with its swirling metal ribbon base, glammed by an interior finished with gold powder in high gloss finish.

Gold Reflection

Serhat Sezgin has accustomed us to grand projects. But none have swept our feet away like this luxury dining room. You can find dining room inspiration from the accent wall, sumptuous chandelier, gold dining table and always keep your eyes in our Chandra Chair. Born from a mind of a women, our statement and best-selling dining chair is the definition of luxury and exotism.

Whimsical Land

Take a walk on the magical side. The feminine flair of this dining room filled with artistic decor, could only bring us so much joy. A symphony of patterns and colors is surrounded by a natural flow all around. KOKET’s Enchanted Dining Chair is a center piece to this inspiring project by Madaya Interiors.

Dramatic Flair

Determined to keep an open space throughout, Bravo Interiors opted for the glass topped Obssedia Dining Table. The clean lines in this modern dining table, keep the fluidity without compromising on a dramatic touch. Built in gold chromium, the rhythmic design of the base will have you looking down.