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Bespoke and Custom Design: The Ultimate Luxury

Custom design is the ultimate definition of luxury. When pre-made pieces don’t match your preferences or serve the right purpose in your home, custom made furniture might just be the perfect solution. In KOKET’s most recent catalog, “Bespoke & Custom Services”, get to know the process form beginning to end. If you’re interested in creating a brand-new piece, book your free consultation with our designers by clicking here.

What does “Bespoke Design” mean?

We don’t see the term very often – and that’s just a sign of how exclusive it is. “Bespoke” means “made for a particular costumer or user”. Bespoke furniture is the best way to splash your personality in a room, while getting pieces that last a lifetime.

This design service allows you to decide the size, color, fabrics, materials and textures. Creating a furniture design from scratch gives you the freedom to customize your home. There are endless possibilities, so this kind of furniture is a very popular choice in the interior design industry.

How is “Custom Design” different?

In Custom Design you can transform your favorite Design and make the necessary changes for it to fit perfectly into your projects. With this design service you can take a most-loved piece and change size, configuration, finishes and materials.

Bring Your Dreams to Life with our Custom & Bespoke Services

Custom Design Service

Because nearly everything we manufacture is made to order in our facilities, we have the ability to alter most items to your custom specifications. We will attempt most any custom change that you can imagine and all we need to quote your work of art is a sketch with dimensions.

Our product designers are available to work side by side with your team to create the perfect piece for your project.

  1. Choose your Favorite Design: Discover your best-loved design and get ready to make it your own. It can be a sofa, a chair or a lighting piece.
  2. Measurements and Size: Once you have found a design you love, it’s time to make sure it fits your project.
  3. Finishes and Textiles: Select the right finishes and textiles that fit your needs. KOKET offers a selection of fabrics, leathers and synthetics available with FR (Fire-Resistant) and WR (Water-Resistant) properties tailored to meet your specific certification needs.

Bespoke Design Service

Bring your dreams to life with KOKET’s Bespoke Service. Tell us what you have in mind: colors, dimensions, textiles and textures. Our team will be with you every step of the way to ensure you get the full experience, while skilled artisans work diligently to make that special piece a full-customized reality.

  1. Your Idea: Consult our design team with your idea and bring the perfect piece to life.
  2. Prototype with Us: Prototype manufacturing can be hugely beneficial for a project. Building, testing and re-working initial designs make for an essential part of the process.
  3. Production: Each order is monitored by our design and production team. Clients are welcome to visit and inspect.
  4. Logistics: As a service to our customers, KOKET will arrange the shipping of orders via one of our preferred carriers.
  5. Customer Care: KOKET has long been known for its excellent service and attention to detail. To make sure your design need and expectations are met, we are available 24/7 to answer any questions or provide details on your order.
Bespoke Design
Project by Donna Mondi featuring two Bespoke Chests inspired by KOKET’s Divine Armoire

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