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Women Empowering Women

women empowering women

Dear Ladies!

The power of the female touch runs deep at KOKET! As a female founder with a talented team of women at the helm of my brand, at KOKET we are all about empowering other women. Both through our luxury home décor and with the content in our magazine Love Happens. So, of course, we love Women’s History Month!

First and foremost, this month gives us yet another reason to celebrate the power and creativity of women around the world. Further, we love the waves of female empowerment energy it creates in society. Waves which remind us of how far women have come and the importance of equality.

At KOKET not only do we love empowering women, we also love being inspired by all the amazing women working in the design industry. So, in celebration of the creative force of female interior designers, we are pleased to offer all women-run businesses an additional 10% off on all orders from now through the end of April 2022.

With warmest regards and best wishes,

Janet Morais