Art Apartment by Recdi8 – Barcelona, Spain by Koket
Art Apartment

project: Recdi8

location: Barcelona, Spain

Channeling the Art Deco roots of the apartment’s architecture, Recdi8 drew inspiration from nature, romanticism and rococo for the interior design. The goal was to recover and enhance the original elements while adding unique finishes and furnishings, like in the bedroom design where they tried to convey feelings of comfort and romanticism.

The Nymph gold chandelier makes a statement in the bedroom creating a mesmerizing mix of modern and classic, daring and elegant.

“When we saw the Nymph chandelier we knew immediately that it was the right piece for the master bedroom, Nymph unified in one piece all the characteristics we were looking for: nature, romanticism, luxury, high quality, uniqueness”. Recdi8 Studio