• DIVINE PEARL 2013 cover by Koket
  • DIVINE PEARL 2013 cover by Koket
  • DIVINE PEARL 2013 cover by Koket
  • Play with Passion

  • Janet Morais founded KOKET in 2010, after spending more than a decade as owner of the interior design firm DeMorais & Associates, and President of the product editing and international brand representation company, DeMorais International. Derived from her very descriptive nickname “Janette la coquette”, the Koket name represents Morais’ playful, artistic, passionate and daring personality. Realistically, possessing a great talent is not always enough but having determination and perfectionism are also key to becoming successful especially when the competition is as fierce as it is. Morais’ embodies these crucial skills and uses them to inspire her design team to release their inner artist to produce seductive and empowering pieces.

    If only everyone could use their passion and talent, not only to make them comfortably rich, but to also help those less comfortable. The KOKET brand and The Global Fund for Widows have joined forces to try and raise money to support widows and female heads of households in developing countries through the sales of Koket’s exquisite product of passion, Camilia. Camilia was designed to lounge in elegant dining rooms and luxury apartments, a far cry from the homes which they aim to aid. Yet its presence in these homes not only exemplifies a taste of class and a good eye for unique elements, but reveals a sense of humanity and willingness to help those less fortunate. Camilia is available as an armoire and a cabinet and its design was inspired by the aristocratic palaces of the Alexandrian pashas of Egypt. A stunning peacock charms its audience with its intricate hand carved detailing and gold leaf finish. The simple concept but remarkable execution is an example of Koket’s passion and method of operation.

    EUPHORIA | Folding screen Euphoria is not as delicate as it seems. Even though the folding screen is decorated with graceful butterflies, the four panels have a boldly sleek exterior. The ebony veneer or high gloss black lacquer panels offer a classic, elegant and powerful backdrop to the fluttering creatures who also serve as hinges for the panels.

    EXOTICA | Dressing Table/Console Exotica is an alluring story that can be told as a dressing table or console. The story starts with its sensual reptile embossed velvet coverings, intrigues us with its addition of gold tassels and slender and curvaceous legs then dazzles us with its high gloss black lacquer finish. Exotica is a perfect example of how the Koket design team integrates dissimilar elements in an artistic and passionate manner to create practical and artistic concepts to inspire us and release our imagination.

    By Icell Sharafeldin ~ DIVINE PEARL – April-May 2013 – USA