ASK 2012 PRESS by Koket
  • ASK Magazine 2012 cover by Koket
  • ASK Magazine 2012 cover by Koket
ASK | 2012 | USA
  • Bringing Love Back
  • By Omar Omar
    Images Courtesy of Koket

    It is sad how humanity’s greatest aspirations have all turned into clichés and punch lines, none more than love. Yes, due to much thoughtless repetition and distasteful misuse of this most powerful of emotions, many scoff at the notion if it is even mentioned in passing.
    One brand is completely devoted to reminding us what lies behind the cliché and what love truly is; Koket! Koket is devoted to the seduction and true provocation of true love, drawing influence from decorative arts, fashion, flora, and fauna, forms and decorative techniques from the glamorous eras.

    The Mademoiselle Armorie is a tribute to the artistry and royal grace of the French decorative arts and will transport your mind to an era infamous for its class and prestige. The exquisite butterfly adorning the doors, made from polished brass and silk lining, provides a visual spectacle that is sure to add value to any surrounding.

    Divine is a fitting name for this gorgeous door pagoda top armoire. The attention to detail is astonishing, rendering every inch of it fascinating. It is covered in delicate iridescent peacock feathers each individually placed with tantalizing care and passion.

    Délice is a charming chair whose back rest curls gracefully around your back to take you into its warm embrace like an impassioned lover.

    Allow yourself to be seduced by Euphoria; the result of an artistic fascination with all things wild and exotic! Different wooden textures supporting intriguing butterfly silhouettes create an enchanting aura of mystical energy that indulges the curious child within us.

    Colette is an orchestration of heavenly curves and bewitching elegant contours that will literally sweep you off your feet! Its accented, lacquered legs are like those of a ballerina, delicate, elegant and pretty. It is a fitting tribute to Parisian femininity.

    Like any good orchestra, every element must operate efficiently and in perfect accordance with everything around it. The Temptation console’s gold curves, bronze metallic embossed python lamb skin, and amber clusters will give all lovers of beauty goosebumps and shivers!

    Drawing creative energies form the aesthetic poise and class of Kyoto geishas, the lovely Geisha chair indulges your eyes, skin and love for extravagance!

    By Omar Omar ~ ASK – NOV 2012 - USA