ASK Magazine 2012 PRESS by Koket
  • ASK Magazine 2012 cover by Koket
  • ASK Magazine 2012 cover by Koket
ASK Magazine | 2012 | USA
  • 2012 Latest Designs - LOVE IS IN THE AIR
  • Inspired by the magic and spontaneity of love, KOKET presents you with furniture that screams with passion. Powerful, seductive and captivating, much like young love, is New York's Janet Morais's 2012 collection.

    The woven base in the Allure dining table gives it a very homey feel, and together with the polished top, the design is blessed with stunning glamour.The genius in the design makes it possible to fit in any sort of environment, from a sunny summerhouse to a luxurious uptown apartment.

    Close your eyes and think of being in a wild forest, with shadows of tall trees cast on the ground and the sound of waterfalls rumble, humming birds feeding their hungry young, and sunshine drawing upon God's creation. With a branch-shaped base and a wooden top, the Enchanted table takes one to a wild forest where everything is possible.

    Every inch of the Enigma design unquestionably sparkles with elegance and uniqueness .With a dark veneer back, bronze feet and careful upholstery, the chair could well seem like a piece of furniture found in an old Japanese inn, but can also cross over to the modern world. it requires sincere creativity to come up with a chair design that is capable of creating such a sensation.

    Like a joyful joined laugh of an identical twins, the Demi-Lune Mandy design works both as a practical pair of stools and an elegant accessory for your home. With the velvet seat together and the polished stainless steel base, these twins are luxurious and unique.

    Resembling the sun, the design of the Guilt mirror is enchanting like something out of a Disney movie; you can almost see the wicked witch coming out of it. Available in matte gold, silver and copper metal, the sharp edges give the mirror a dangerous feel all the while maintaining the loud elegance of the design.

    Mysterious like a woman, the two metal curling ribbons in the Intuition dining table give it a feminine feel. Unexpected like a woman's smile, filled with emotions and desires, the design is dynamic and expressive. The glass top is an excellent addition that is much like the icing on top of a very delicious blueberry muffin.

    With a glass top and a polished tender stainless steel base, the Kiki side table stands out as an incredibly unique design. Inspired by the exoticness of Parisian cabaret life, this design inspires romance like an old love song that plays unexpectedly on the radio on a workday afternoon.

    What sensation is more alluring than love? Made with incomparable passion, Morais's new KOKET collection is deserving of not just your attention, but also your admiration.

    By Arwa Gaballa ~ ASK Magazine – APRIL 2012 – USA