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  • Elevated  2021 by Koket
Elevated | 2021 | USA
  • Fall In Love With KOKET
  • Since 2010, the U.S.-based luxury home decor brand KOKET has been steadily attracting and capturing the hearts of design lovers from around the world. Beloved for its alluring designs, empowering persona, and stylish and enticing founder and leader, Janet Morais, it is hard not to fall in love with KOKET!

    A darling in her own sense, Janet’s long-time love of beautiful, unique, and bold designs and fashion have been infused into her brand. Closely entwined with Janet’s personality, the KOKET brand, named after her childhood nickname “Janette la coquette” (a name bestowed upon her for her playful ways) enchants through its sophisticated designs, experiences, and curated content.

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