Hotel Objekte November 2019 Germany Article PRESS by Koket
  • Hotel Objekte November 2019 by Koket
Hotel Objekte | November 2019 | Germany
  • Handcrafted design interior
  • Since its inception, KOKET has been renowned for its statement designs, exquisite craftmanship and use of alluring materials and finishes. A love for haute craftmanship and the finest materials is at the heart of KOKET. Each object of desire in the brand’s collection is handcrafted by master artisans in Portugal. These artisanal touches add an essential element of individuality to each of KOKET’s empowering statement designs. Exquisite new designs include the plush curving Luscious Sofa with rippling pleats and provocative metal detailing and the chic Denise Chair featuring a slender layered frame which perfectly cups its guest, bringing chic style to any location.

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