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  • HFN October 2019 by Koket
  • HFN October 2019 by Koket
HFN | October 2019 | USA
  • Color drenching | Shade saturation
  • Move over, muted hues. More than ever, people are not afraid of using color in their homes – and for some people, the bolder, the better. Layering multiple shades of one color within a room - color drenching – is a sure way to deliver a powerful design statement, one that is literally colored with the consumer’s personality. “Bold hue-on-hue interiors are a counter trend to the stark white walls of the last decade,” said interior designer Lori Dennis. “Satured colors create a rich depth in a space that results in a fuller experience of whatever the color evokes.”

    While items such as decorative pillows and throws have always been available in vibrant colors, larger items such as furniture have vivid options as well, allowing for a comprehensive color drenching.

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