G&G May 2019 Italy Article PRESS by Koket
  • G&G May 2019 by Koket
  • G&G May 2019 by Koket
G&G | May 2019 | Italy
  • Terrarium moss
  • Moss green is a natural, lush shade that brings to mind coll forests and snaking vines. In that since, it pairs well with all of the intense shades this trends selection.

  • Marrakech effect
  • Inspired by the desert terrain of the city of north africa, a selection of carmine-colored pieces – a shade of dark red thar brings sophistication to your interior but also a rough touch.

  • Burnt orange
  • Armchairs, fabrics, lamps and more. Inspired by the 70’s furniture and accessories of this dark shade of orange is a must have for this spring in your interiors.

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