Building Investment May 2017 Malaysia Article PRESS by Koket
  • Building Investment May 2017 cover by Koket
  • Building Investment May 2017 cover by Koket
  • Building Investment May 2017 cover by Koket
Building Investment | May 2017 | Malaysia
  • Dramatic Edgy by Koket
  • Janet Morais is the founder and creative director of the brand KOKET, a name which is derived from the nickname given to her for her playful ways – Janette la coquette.

    And here you see her spirited personality translated into the brand daring and aesthetic statement pieces. They are dramatic and edgy and bon vivant. Koket’s savoire faire is intoxicating!

    Boutique Hotel

    A new boutique hotel embraces the cool retro style theme for the bar decoration. With attention to the iconic 1950’s style, the curvy gold plated leg of Chandra bar stools certainly brings a vintage glam feeling to the room. The green on the walls contrasts with the white marble counter, that smoothly goes along with the comfortable and curved design cloaked in sultry taupe velvet of enigma chair. Take a seat and enjoy this exclusive bar design project

    Luxury Retail store design

    This light and airy space is given a bold pop with the black glass and polished brass, takes top swivels out to become a Tiered Cocktail Table. Not as bold, but not overlooked is the Geisha luxury sofa with modern and sleek lines and a graceful design that indulges the eyes.

    Jeddah Residence

    this light and airy living room design has feminine appeal. Front and center of the design is the Mistress confidante, which features hand-carved menacing yet mesmerizing serpents that help embody the sensual aura of this upholstered beauty. Making a statement on the ceiling is the Nymph Chandelier, where delicate brass butterflies hover in the air in perfect harmony composing the overblown dramatic silhouette of this luxury chandelier. Peeping out of the corner is the alluring Jezebel folding screen. Composed of antique mirror panels, this temptress will have more than her fair share of lovers shielding themselves behind her screen.

    Museum Tower Dallas.

    The client of this chic apartment, located in one of Dallas luxury high rise buildings, was looking for a chic space that combined elegance and lavishness with a feminine touch. Koket s Nymph luxury chandelier is the cherry on the top, perfectly adding hand crafted drama. The exotic and daring chandelier makes the dining room flirtatiously whimsical with a fanciful explosion of gold butterflies forming and alluring overblown silhouette.

    Miami Penthouse.

    The creamy fabric of the modern chair pops against the dark colors in this project. The highly coveted Chandra luxury chair design is both bold and modern, and the neutral upholstery balances with the polished brass bands and legs. The Chandra sits in the front of the exotic Temptation luxury console whose alluring top is impeccably wrapped in sumptuous metallic python embossed lamb skin. Above is the iconic Guilt wall mirror whose textured and hammered brass explodes from the convex mirror center like a magnificent sunburst. Glittering from the corner is the Gia pendant lamp, a single calla lily bloom delicately suspended from the ceiling.

    Beverly Hills Residence

    the dark living room is given an exotic tuch with the vivacious, purple Colette sofa. A tribute to Parisian femininity, this petite, curvy couch beauty rests on a stylish lacquered band leading to a sleek and elegant feet. Continuing with the Parisian theme in the forefront sits a pair of Tresor stools. This desirable modern stool emerges from the careful application of luscious velvet touches, fine brass finishes and passionate design. Making a golden statement on the back wall is the playful design. Making a golden statement on the back wall is the playful design of the chloe wall sconce. The twists and turns in the magically evocative ribbon of this sconce lighting give you the impression of being wrapped in the impulsive charm of little girl.

    Indian Creek Village Residence.

    An interior design project that looks like a spring dream. At the entrance, you are greeted with the allure dining table sets the tone for the moments of indulgence. Above is the Vivre chandelier, offering exquisite vintage details with a decidedly modern profile. This agate chandelier features ten of these semi-precious slices embraced by aged brass metal in the perfect harmony and balance.

    Manhanttan Apartment

    Koket warm metallic hues added warmth to this luxurious Manhattan apartment. The exotic texture of the fabric and the curvaceous legs of the deliciosa bar stool strongly contrast against the crisp white bar, while the delicate Eternity pendants cast a soft warm light on the hard marble surface of the courter top.

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