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  • Tom Strother talks to Hotel & Catering Review about creating a bar and lounge design based on a legendary literary tale that is leading patrons on a journey of discovery.

    Lemuel’s Bar & Lounge in the Hotel Conrad in Dublin, has been constructed with two major influences in mind - Gulliver's Travels and the Trinity Library. “The table tops are lined with marble book binding paper that you'd find in the old editions of the books at the library’” says designer Tom Strother of London-based interior design firm, Fabled Studio. Repeating bays incorporated within the layout of the bar and the use of antique-style bookshelves, mirror the similarities between Lemuel's and the library The Gulliver's Travels influence is evident in the bronze, flat cut map of the world, featuring the fictitious islands discovered by Gulliver, along with world globes and hand-gilded maps. The space is also dotted with artwork featuring different illustrations of Gulliver. “In a private smoke room at the back, there's a number of prints from a more modem edition”, says Tom. "We then commissioned an illustrator to create pieces by the entrance at the back, which are based on an early edition print of Gulliver's Travels."

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