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  • Hotel & Catering Review talks to Ann-Marie O'Neill about how she turned House in Limerick into a 'home away from home’.

    When Ann-Marie O'Neill of O'Donnell of 'Neill Design first began the redesign of House in Limerick, it was important to both her and the client to maintain the signature essence of the House brand by creating a relaxing and intimate interior. "It should be glamorous but still somewhere the customer feels comfortable - a home away from home," she explains. Within the design space, Marie used bespoke furniture upholstered in autumnal toned velvet fabrics to add an intimacy to the exposed concrete ceilings. Salvaged timber paneling runs throughout the space. Most of the elements used are either bespoke designs or salvaged antiques. Treated and aged timbers are used in the tables to add character. Seating played a significant role in constructing the atmosphere and intimacy of the space. "It is important to have easy access to the bar and the seating layout and design is very varied to create a sense of place for the customer," says Anne-Marie. "It was also important that the seating layout allowed the customer to feel comfortable and to have a conversation with ease."

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