Deluxe September 2016 VIETNAM Camilia Armoire Article PRESS by Koket
  • Deluxe September 2016 cover by Koket
Deluxe | September 2016 | VIETNAM
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  • The regal and majestic Camilia armoire wardrobe commands attention in any setting. The glistening mother of pearl doors are crowned with a meticulously hand-carved, gold leaf peacock for an opulent statement. Framing either side of the armoire wardrobe are the black crystal Eternity wall sconces. Also in this project is the French cabaret inspired Kiki side table. The polished hoops and delicate iris blossom tips of this luxury side table are reminiscent of the revealing frilled undergarments, the surprise high kicks and hoops in a circle accompanied by blinding splendor of cabaret life!

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