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  • Boston Commom  November 2016 cover by Koket
  • Boston Commom  November 2016 cover by Koket
Boston Commom | November 2016 | United States
  • Heavy Metals
  • For On-Trend Interiors, says Designer Heidi Pribell, gold and silver are in… But which one are you?
    From the gold-draped rooms of the palace of Versailles to the Victorian glamour of the Gilded Age, a bit of shine has always been de rigueur in smart interiors. But for the holiday season, especially, a touch of metal can make a space infinitely more alluring and festive. Here Boston.based interior designer and antiques dealer Heidi Pribell casts her discerning eye on the current metallic rage, breaking it down in two: the pieces with a Midas touch and those with silver streak.

    Chandra Bar Stool by Koket
    From its sinuous legs to its peek-a-boo cleavage, form trumps function in this racy bar stool. Bypass the kitchen island and belly this up to your fully loaded bar for classic cocktails or even game-day brews.

    Tamara Console by Koket
    This provocative console drips with enough Art deco style to transport you back to the glamour of Hollywood Regency design. The minimal lines of its boldly chiseled form function beautifully in a vestibule or as a bedroom dressing table.

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