The Cheshire Magazine September 2015 UK Exotica Desk Article PRESS by Koket
  • The Cheshire Magazine September 2015 cover by Koket
  • The Cheshire Magazine September 2015 cover by Koket
The Cheshire Magazine | September 2015 | UK
  • Dressing rooms and walk-in wardrobes
  • Male or female, the place where you put together your daily and evening ensemble should be a sanctuary of calm and quiet — a haven of soft furnishings which perfectly reflect and inspire your personal sense of style and taste. The number one rule is, of course, to keep your dressing room or walk-in wardrobe tidy — .ter all, a cluttered room so often equals a cluttered mind — so clever, elegant storage solutions are absolutely paramount. In our man cave, you'll notice a prime example of clean lines and colour minimalism coupled with simple storage solutions and sporadic touches of character. Here, everything appears visible and neat, but is saved from what might otherwise verge on the sterile by finishing touches like the graceful chandelier and wingback chair. For the shoe connoisseur, we love the idea of keeping your prized collection neatly shelved, allowing easy access and perusal, while also displaying each pair like the work of art designer shoes so often are. While there is a great deal more complexity to the interior design (perfect for those with a more daring, bold style of dress), the room nevertheless avoids looking in any way chaotic by maintaining a simple, clean backdrop brightened by audacious statement pieces. If a feminine, floral motif is more your style (and if the stresses of putting together an outfit require a truly soothing surround), we recommend soft, delicate pieces in pastel hues to help create a clean but cosy feel. This is also a style which most easily lends itself to light, airy rooms with large windows, and which works particularly well with a large-print wallpaper to help give definition to an othenvise fluid space.

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