Design April 2014 Sri Lanka Janet Morais interview Article by Koket
  • DESIGN 2014 cover by Koket
  • DESIGN 2014 cover by Koket
  • DESIGN 2014 cover by Koket
  • DESIGN 2014 cover by Koket
  • DESIGN 2014 cover by Koket
DESIGN | 2014 | Sri Lanka
  • "Janette La Coquette"
  • The name Koket was coined from the nickname given to Janet Morais for her playful ways as a child. The Founder and Creative Director of Koket, Love Happens has created a brand of furniture that is an ultimate expression of her personal character. In this exclusive interview Janet speaks about her passion and drive, where “Love must happen when a client comes in contact with the brand”.

    “The perfect night in New York City was the inspiration behind Love Happens,” says Janet. A simple sketch of a chair in a New York City lounge over cocktails was the beginning of love where the man drawing the chair is now her husband. The desire to possess and create pieces with the same empowerment that Janet felt that night was the inception of her brand—Koket. “It is truly a personal reflection of who I am. Koket offer a glimpse into my world and everything that moves me. It is all of what I believe in, where I have been, and where I will take the brand is closely tied to my personal growth,” she explains.

    Through the brand, Janet shares her ma joie de vivre (joy of living) and coquettish frill while empowering customers to follow her lead and take risks to create their own sense of individual style—for themselves, their home and life style. Noted for her impeccable taste, enticing personality and strong love affair with life entailed in a design following, which gave her the confidence to create something unique that was an expression of herself. Launched in 2010, Koket was established only when Janet felt that the market was ready for something different. “I wanted to cater to women; they are such fascinating beings. Everything from their biological composition to their ability to balance in stiletto heels fascinates me. Women are creatures that cannot truly be defined,” says Janet.

    Highly influenced by the decorative arts, fashion, flora and fauna, Janet brings bold and daring creations to life. This unique sensibility is fueled by the designer’s unique European sophistication. Born in New York and raised between Europe and US, has given her the ability to garner her experiences to position herself at the center of the rapidly evolving international luxury brand market. “My selections are always based on what moves me at the moment. I am passionate about the black and gold combination but a vivid pop of color will always make into my presentations,” she elaborated on her exquisite designs.

    Using rich colors and textures, Koket’s designs reflects luxury and an exquisiteness heightened by the introduction of elements in gold. The innate desire to seduce and entice its devotees is perfectly illustrated in Koket’s Guilty Pleasures and Exotic Opulence Collections. It is composed of dramatic statement accent pieces, case goods, upholstery and lighting. The pieces are mesmerizing with their magical mineral medley, lux metallics, vibrant jewel tones, exquisite craftsmanship, luscious fabrics, exotic stone, peacock feathers and hand crafted jewelry for the home. “All the design elements and exquisite detailing and materials are part of a woman’s fantasy world. We bring that world into their most private spaces. We understand their desires and needs,” explains Janet.

    With a product range encompassing case goods, upholstery, lighting, soft goods and rugs, the line is manufactured by master artisans and jewelers. Koket’s principal designers are a group of artistic and well-rounded product designers who are led by Janet’s creative eye and strive for perfection. “My design aesthetic is very dramatic. I am a perfectionist in all that I do, touch and say. I have a spot on instinct on trends to come and what people want. My mission at Koket is to inspire my staff to pursue their creativity and perfectionism to its maximum and create highly desirable and empowering statement pieces and present them to our audience in a show stopping way,” explains Janet.

    With Janet’s experience and expertise as an Interior Designer, Koket is expanding into a premier life-style brand where it hopes to go beyond furnishings. “We are also launching a design studio offering design services to our retail clients,” says Janet of their future plans. “We are currently available worldwide through architects, designers and luxury retail shops such as Harrods in London. We feel that Koket will create a wonderful space in Sri Lanka,” adds Janet Morais on an expressive note.

    The Divine Armoire: A double door pagoda top armoire covered in delicate iridescent peacock feathers each individually placed. An exquisite metal ribbon opens the doors to a lavish interior graced with four antique mirror drawers and two adjustable glass shelves. Body finished in high gloss black lacquer with base and top covered in gold leaf.

    Camilia Armoire: The Camilia was created to grace the most regal of dining rooms with its elegance and splendor. Inspired by the aristocratic palaces of the Alexandrian pashas of Egypt, the mother of pearl Camilia is crowned by an artisan hand-carved peacock, meticulously engraved and delicately finished in gold leaf. It is only fitting that the Camilia’s treasures be concealed by the most graceful of keys.

    Mademoiselle Armoire: Designed with a profound admiration and influence of the French decorative arts, the Mademoiselle Armoire will transport you to another world in a crazy beautiful kind of way. Butterfly design and handler in polished brass over a silk lining opening to an interior covered in gold leaf with high-gloss varnish, 9 antique mirror drawers and 2 adjustable glass shelves.

    Euphoria Screen: Fascinated with all things wild, from exotic wood textures to the delicate silhouettes of butterflies, the intriguing Euphoria screen captures the mystic and seduction that lies behind the wings of a luxurious butterfly.

    Luridae Console: Seduction begins with velvet black lacquer gently applied and coated with an even layer of high gloss varnish covering the edges of the top. It continues as the blackness slithers down to blend with the polished brass. Finishing its temptation with Golden Dragonflies silently perching upon the midnight shade.

    Brilliance Sconce: Tantalizing tones and exquisite patterns in the agate stones are cast onto gold rays of metal.

    Eternity Chandelier: The elegant silhouette of this chandelier takes its brilliance from the skillful application of the crystal. The eternal circles are individually wrapped in brass and laced with astonishing attention to detail.

    Mistress Confidante: Menacing and mesmerizing serpents embody an exotic, untouchable yet sensual aura giving the Mistress Confidante the power to capture and seduce in every way.