Art Nouveau is new again at KOKET

The Art Nouveau movement, an ornamental style of art, flourished from 1890 to 1914 throughout Europe and the United States. This artistic movement arose in response to the industrialization happening during the time of the movement. Celebrating decorative arts and craftmanship, it was a way of creating a new style, free from the historicism that had dominated until then. It sought to break away from traditional artistic conventions. Instead, it embraced a modern aesthetic characterized by intricate details and natural forms.

Art Nouveau found its most frequent applications in architecture, interior design, jewelry and other decorative arts. It is easily recognizable by its exuberance, the use of organic lines and natural elements, often characterized by a floral style, with intertwining of foliage and flowers. In fact, the movement’s designs often featured flowing lines that mimicked the forms of plants and other natural motifs, creating a sense of harmony with nature. This emphasis on natural forms was not just aesthetic but also philosophical, as Art Nouveau artists sought to bring beauty and artistry into everyday life. Its innovative character was also related with the usage of different materials, such as iron and glass. The use of these materials not only contributed to the aesthetic qualities of the designs, but also demonstrated the movement’s commitment to modernity and innovation.

Art Nouveau in Interior Design and Architecture

In interior design, Art Nouveau influenced everything from furniture to wallpaper. Designers like Louis Comfort Tiffany in the United States and Émile Gallé in France created cohesive environments where every element was designed to contribute to a unified artistic vision. These interiors were often richly decorated, with intricate woodwork and decorative tiles, all contributing to an immersive aesthetic experience. The use of new materials and techniques in interior design allowed for the creation of unique, handcrafted items that were both functional and artistic.

Similarly, in architecture, Art Nouveau buildings are often adorned with intricate facades, featuring curvilinear shapes and elaborate ornamental details. For instance, architects like Antoni Gaudí in Spain, with his fantastical structures, and Victor Horta in Belgium, with his harmonious integration of architectural elements, created iconic examples of Art Nouveau architecture.

KOKET Brings Art Nouveau to the Modern Era

KOKET also has a deep passion for craftsmanship and handcrafted art pieces. Inspired by the elegance of femininity and the beauty of natural elements, KOKET brings Art Nouveau into the modern era. Through this blend of past and present, KOKET celebrates the legacy of Art Nouveau, offering furniture that brings a touch of artistic elegance into modern homes.

Nymph Chandelier

The Nymph Chandelier is inspired on butterflies, with multiple representations of this rare and beautiful animal in golden hues hovering in the air.

The innocent drama of a whimsical butterfly through the enchanted journey of life. The Nymph chandelier embraces the wild side of this rare and beautiful animal that so gracefully bejewels the lighting fixture. Delicate metal butterflies hover in the air in perfect harmony composing an overblown dramatic silhouette, which gives shape to a luxurious chandelier.

Enchanted Dining Chair

Enchanted Dining Chair: with an elegant backrest resembling branches, this chair has a luxurious white upholstery.

This dining chair antique gilded branch like structure can’t help but mesmerize the beholder. Her fully upholstered body pops as the backdrop to the glinting, whimsical branch frame.

Enchanted Side Table

Enchanted Side Table has a golden structure resembling branches and a luxurious white top.

Our artisans have masterfully captured the alluring essence of an enchanted forest with this side table. The antique gilded branch like structure can’t help but mesmerize the beholder.

Spellbound Cabinet

The Spellbound Lacquer Cabinet features a black structure adorned with a golden frame and elegant golden flower-shaped details along its four front doors.

There is a sense of reveal and conceal as KOKET takes a beautiful chest in high gloss lacquer and adorns it in metal organic lace, revealing a mesmerizing hint of what lies beneath. Interior opens to four drawers embellished with organic hardware with a finish to match the exterior.

Overall, Art Nouveau was a celebration of beauty, nature, and meticulous craftsmanship. It left a lasting impact on the decorative arts and design practices well beyond its peak years.

As seen, KOKET products are based on the same inspiritations as the Art Nouveau movement, such as the natural elements and craftmanship, as you check in our catalogue “Nature Inspired Interiors“.