Barbie Celebration in true KOKET Style

Last Friday, July 21st, was an absolute dream as we celebrated the new Barbie movie in true KOKET style! It was a perfect match made in heaven, because there’s nothing more KOKET than Barbie! Embracing joyous feminine flair and empowering women have always been at the heart of both KOKET and Barbie’s missions.

Athina Chairs and Tabu Coffee Table by KOKET

We couldn’t help but feel the magic in the air as we brought together the essence of elegance, strength, and empowerment in one fabulous evening! From the laughter to the unforgettable moments, it was a celebration of everything that makes a woman truly special.


Cheers to all the incredible women who continue to inspire and uplift each other! Let’s remember that together, we can conquer any challenge and shatter every glass ceiling that comes our way.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in this joyous celebration and a special thanks to all the sponsors who supported us – Clérigos In, Love Happens Mag, Aldeco, Pousio, and Golden Print! Your support and love mean the world to us.

In a world filled with vibrant colors, this pink party shone with a purpose beyond joy – a celebration of compassion. As we gathered, we carried our laughter and our hearts, for each invited guest brought their favorite Barbie to light up the lives of those battling darkness at the Portuguese Oncology Institute of Porto. In this act of giving, we painted smiles on the faces of little warriors, proving that a touch of pink and kindness can illuminate even the toughest of journeys.

Stay KOKET, stay Barbie, and always stay true to your fabulous selves!