Most Popular Christmas Colors for 2022

Time has flown by, and the glimmering holidays are rapidly approaching the front doors. The trees are changing to warmer colors and the Interior Design experts at KOKET have begun to establish what will be the most popular Christmas colors integrating the spaces. Some are traditional, some are avant-garde, but all share the magic so innate to the next few months.

KOKET always aims to exceed expectations and to integrate into interior design projects that defy all the rules, resulting into a daring and empowering space. For Christmas 2022, the experts at KOKET are aiming at Saphire Blue – a powerful color that will transform your Christmas decor. Nonetheless, the traditional Christmas tree and holiday ornaments will be forever considered a good choice.  

Sapphire Blue & Gold

The Enchanted Sofa is everything Christmas represents. The magic of an enchanted forest inspired its cast brass structure, resembling nature in its most raw form. This design is a KOKET’s clientele favorite. The rare craftmanship that’s around this Sofa’s assemble continues to impress, even after so many years in the collection. The Sapphire Blue Lux Velvet Fabric beautifully reflects the light.

White Gem & Baby Pink

A few years back Interior Designer, Emily Henderson, created a baby pink and light gray nursery project – with a holiday twist. At KOKET, our experts were wondered by the final result. So much that this combination is now one of our favorites. For a feminine and darling holiday decor, choose the Kelly Sofa in its new, fully upholstered, version. To complete the look and play with a neutral color palette, embrace the Gem Table Lamp with a pink jewel.

Kelly Sofa, by KOKET

Christmas Classics

Ancient celtic peoples revered red and green for being evergreen and believed they were meant to keep the earth beautiful during winter. Traditional christmas colors have lived among us for all this time and KOKET decided it was continuing – only with a excentric twist. Sitting on top of a beautiful flower arrangement is the Serpentine Mirror. A coiled serpent form made of hand-carved wood, with a black jewel eye, finishes off an irreverant holiday setting.