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Behind KOKET’s Most Iconic Pieces

The Most Iconic Designs and Pieces Always Have a Great Story!

Everyone loves a good story! Especially when the end result is a stunning work of art! Luxury home decor brand KOKET creates beautifully handcrafted statement design pieces helping to make unique interior environments. Inspired by the most desirable materials, everything fashion, the magic of nature, and feminine flair, KOKET’s designs are one of a kind. Especially the brand’s most iconic pieces!

Read on to be absolutely fascinated by KOKET’s most iconic pieces!

Explore the KOKET´s Most Iconic Pieces to Love!


MANDY was KOKET’s very first design. Inspired by the beautiful form of a cuff bracelet, a pair of silver twisted metal stools with black velvet seats appeared at the ICFF trade show in NYC. And when Loren Ridinger, co-founder and senior executive vice president of Market America, creator of the award winning Motives beauty line, and overall empowering woman, fell in love with the MANDYS and purchased the prototypes — KOKET founder Janet Morais knew she had found her calling. There must be a story to the name too right? Of course! In need of a name coming up on showtime, one with meaning appeared, and so the stool became Mandy, an endearing name Janet gave to her husband Amandio. MANDY also comes as a chair and loveseat for lovers of the look!

Mandy Stool is an iconic design
Mandy Stool


Perhaps one of KOKET’s most iconic designs, the CHANDRA Chair is all about empowerment. Feminine lines reign through the design with a seat crafted to perfectly complement its user as they perch on the chair’s three sexy legs. Inspired by stiletto heels, each metal chair leg is hand cast by KOKET’s masterful team of artisans, a process that takes around 24 hours from mold to finished cast. CHANDRA radiates Janet’s mission to empower through design.

The instant you sit in this chair (or its bar stool edition!) you feel sexy!

Chandra Chair is one of the KOKET´s Most Iconic pieces
The Iconic & Feminine Chandra Chair


Dressed in an exotic covering of iridescent peacock toned natural feathers and gold leaf, then finished with a statement metal pull, the DIVINE Armoire is Janet’s dearest piece. This makes it not only an iconic KOKET design but also perhaps the most KOKETish piece in the collection. One of Janet’s beloved design styles, a touch of Asian flair can be seen in DIVINE’s pagoda inspired roof. And when it comes to the armoire’s jewelry like door handle, inspired by a hair ribbon flowing and swirling, this design further emanates KOKET’s flirty vibes. A brand favorite, this ribbon design can also be seen in sconce form in the CHLOE.

Divine Armoire
Divine Armoire Detail


As a creative house KOKET is inspired by everything beautiful, but when it comes to picking favorites nature is definitely top of the list. From the delicate curves of a flower to the flowing of branches and vines, nature appears throughout the KOKET collection. When the SPELLBOUND Cabinet with its encasing organic metal lace launched it became an instant classic. Showcasing one of the most exquisite elements of KOKET’s statement designs, the use of hand- crafted cast metal artfully brings the SPELLBOUND to life! Available over lacquer or antique mirror, and also in an armoire, bar, and nightstand form, as a look SPELLBOUND is a forever KOKET icon.

Spellbound Cabinet