Like any great love affair, it starts out rugged and wild then slowly matures into something elegant and eternal. First came Boca do Lobo whose passion for design propelled them to the top of the international luxury furniture market. Then in 2010, the feminine counterpart KOKET was created, quickly curating a sultry collection of daring designs.
Together, these two luxury design brands complete each other while offering timeless design and cohesive exclusivity to its buyers. With an irresistible blend of past and present, complemented with exotic beauty, these two design brands can create the ultimate interior design. Let us show you how KOKET and Boca do Lobo are truly a luxury design love affair..

would love to meet you in

Dallas - November 6th - 8th

Houston - November 9th - 10th

New York - November 13th - 17th

Florida - November 27th - Dec 8th

What to expect

1. Discuss Commercial conditions for 2024

2. Latest novelties and exquisite samples and fabrics

3. Discuss Private Label Partnerships

4. Ongoing projects update

5. Inclusion as a top interior designer in our Love Happens Magazine.

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