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Country House by Svetlana Khristoforova – Russia by Koket
Country House

project: by Svetlana Khristoforova

location: Russia

Ornate architectural details meet luxurious modern furnishings in this magnificent private luxury second home in the Moscow exurb of Barvikha. Designed by the talented Svetlana Khristoforova, who worked with leading European furnishin- gs supplier Kraft, to fill the home with the finest statement decor. The array of luxury furniture includes a number of brilliantly placed KOKET designs. In the baroque living room the BOLVARDI Bench serves as the piano seat and beside a red velvet settee sits the nature inspired ENCHANTED Side Table. Next beneath the staircase sits the SPELL- BOUND Cabinet, another statement design adding a touch of nature with its stylized floral detailing over antique mirror. The final KOKET piece makes its presence known in the stairway landing, a bold mauve leather and velvet DRAPESSE Chair.

Design Firm: Svetlana Khristoforova
Furniture: Kraft
Photographer: Skutin Konstantin