At KOKET the quality of our pieces is just as much about form as it is about finish.

It is about finish

Although this quote traditionally refers to fashion, at KOKET the quality of our pieces is just as much about form as it is about finish. From metallic leaf and wood veneers to lacquering and glazing, some finishes have as many as 15 steps. Our highly skilled finishing artists use their trained eye to carry out each step with detailed precision and passion.

Hammered Metals

At KOKET we love the beautiful allure of a hammered metal finish. Hammered effects are created using small hammers with different textured heads. Varying pressures are applied with each hammer stroke to create the desired effect. The metal is then polished and a layer of varnish is applied to maintain the original metal color. Again this must be done with great care in order to prevent oxidation by any sweat from the artisans hands.

Oxidized Metals

Although while applying metallic leaf and creating hammered finishes we strive to avoid oxidation, at KOKET we also love the look of an oxidized brass! In order to create this beautifully aged finish our artisans first completely oxidize the piece of metal to be used to create the patina finish. Next they use a scouring pad to create the desired effect. Once the look is created the process is finished with a varnish to seal it.


Metallic Leaf

The process of metallic leafing begins with the application of a special glue to the surface of the piece. Once the glue is dried the artisan, wearing latex gloves to prevent oxidation which could be caused by human sweat, applies small squares of metallic leaf sheets. When all of the leaf sheets have been applied the process is finished with the application of a layer of clear varnish to seal the sheets of metal leaf.

Wood Leaf

KOKET generally uses wood leaf finishes to create enticing table tops. This process begins with the application of a wood glue. Next the very thin sheets of wood, the wood leafs, are arranged on the surface. A spatula tool is then passed over the wood leafs with pressure to eliminate any air bubbles. The final stage of wood leafing is the application of a layer of varnish to protect the finish.


The Human Touch

Each of our finishes is hand applied with the utmost care and attention to detail, however as with any work of art created by hand, identical replication from piece to piece is impossible. The unique attributes which result from human craftsmanship are mostly invisible to the human eye, however should you ever notice such variations do not think of them as imperfections, but rather as symbols of the hands which carefully and passionately applied the finishes.