PARIS II Dining Table | A chic dining table by Koket
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Paris II Dining Table by KOKET
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Paris II Dining Table by KOKET
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A stunning round Estremoz marble top rests upon a tri-point satin stainless steel base creating a simple yet pronounced and elegant dining table. Paris will add a stylish focal point to any dining area.


As Shown

Top: Polished estremoz marble
Base: Polished estremoz marble
Details: Satin stainless steel with high gloss finish


Top: Available in any marble from KOKET collection
Base: Available in any marble from KOKET collection
Details: Available in brass, nickel or black nickel, or copper plated brass in polished, satin, brushed with high gloss or matte finish

* Optional finishes may be subject to upcharge; available upon request.

** KOKET products are one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces. Each item has its own unique attributes which are impossible to replicate identically from piece to piece due to human craftsmanship. It is natural for slight variations in color or shape to occur, however such variations are hardly visible to the eye. Product images may also differ slightly from the actual piece due to variations caused by media screens.


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Clean polished metal or polished stainless with a damp cloth. Do not use commercial or heavy duty polishes or waxes, as they may scratch or damage the finish. Polishes we do recommend are Brasso, Simichrome, or our favorite Flitz; these can be used without in icting damage even for the unskilled user, unless the polished surface has a wax sealer coat. These polishes will remove the wax while polishing the metal, but the surface would then have to be re-waxed if it is on a metal that needs to be sealed.
Glass and crystal can be cleaned by wiping with a soft damp cloth or glass cleaner with no additives. Apply glass cleaner to a soft cloth rather than directly on to the texture to avoid overspray that may damage other finishes.


W. 150 cm / 59 in

D. 150 cm / 59 in

H. 76 cm / 29,9 in


196 Kg / 432 Pounds