BURLESQUE Console | Luxury console table by Koket
Burlesque Console by KOKET
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Burlesque Console by KOKET
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Revisit the dazzling world of a French cabaret through the Burlesque console. The acrobatic loops & spins of the base paired with black exotic skins and a black crystal on each one of the 4 drawers exude the mysterious traits of a feisty diva.


As Shown

Base: Polished brass
Top Fabric: Iridescent lux python from the KOKET Textiles collection
Detail: Black crystal hardware


Base: Polished brass, available in nickel; high gloss, matte finish.
Top Fabric: Available in any textile from the KOKET Textiles collection or COM/COL
Hardware: Black, clear or bronze crystal hardware


2,5 meters fabric width 1,4 meter
Leather: 36 sq feet or 3,5 sq meters


Leather is a soft porous material that is sometimes uncoated and can easily absorb liquids and oily substances. Avoid saturating the leather and fabrics with lotion or water for a long period of time. Care for leather by dusting and lightly vacuuming. Maintain leathers by keeping them away from direct sunlight and heating vents. Leathers are a natural, "living" material that breathe and move as they wear. We recommend that stained or soiled leathers be professionally cleaned.
Clean polished metal or polished stainless with a damp cloth. Do not use commercial or heavy duty polishes or waxes, as they may scratch or damage the finish. Polishes we do recommend are Brasso, Simichrome, or our favorite Flitz; these can be used without inflicting damage even for the unskilled user, unless the polished surface has a wax sealer coat. These polishes will remove the wax while polishing the metal, but the surface would then have to be re-waxed if it is on a metal that needs to be sealed.


W. 145 cm / 56,6 in

D. 40 cm / 15,6 in

H. 90 cm / 35,1 in


64 Kg / 141 Pounds



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