Throw CHINCHILLA by Koket
  • CHINCHILLA Throw Koket Love Happens
  • CHINCHILLA Throw Koket Love Happens

Natural Chinchilla in full hides. Back in wool, angora, and cashmere. Thick plush fur with a luxuriant look and velvety texture. Chinchilla is a rare jewel of delicate beauty. Indulge in the sumptuous feel of fur with our luxury real fur collection. Artfully crafted from fine furs, our throws beautifully create the warmth and softness that only genuine fur can give.

Natural Soft Plaid.


W 120cm | 48''

L 180cm | 70''


7kg / 15,4Lb

Care for textiles by vacuuming or lightly brushing. Maintain textiles by keeping them away from direct sunlight. Rotate and flip cushions when vacuuming for even wear. The nap of high pile textiles such as velvets may become crushed or lose its original pile height. We recommend light steaming to lift the pile to its original height. The textile should also be brushed with a de-linting brush to maintain its pile. Water based or solvent cleaner may cause discoloration or staining. We recommend that stained or soiled textiles be professionally cleaned.

Leather is a soft porous material that is sometimes uncoated and can easily absorb liquids and oily substances. Avoid saturating the leather with lotion or water for a long period of time. Care for leather by dusting and lightly vacuuming. Maintain leathers by keeping them away from direct sunlight and heating vents. Leathers are a natural, "living" material that breathe and move as they wear. We recommend that stained or soiled leathers be professionally cleaned.