All Finishes

Metallic Leaves

Champagne Leaf

Gold Leaf

Silver Leaf

Copper Leaf

Aged Gold Leaf

Aged Silver Leaf

Aged Copper Leaf

Broken Gold Leaf

Broken Silver Leaf

Broken Copper Leaf

Broken Red Gold Leaf

Broken Red Copper Leaf

Metal & Plating

Polished Brass (Gloss)

Polished Copper (Gloss)

Hammered Pique Stainless Steel (Gloss)

Hammered Stainless Steel (Gloss)

Hammered Brass (Gloss)

Hammered Pique Brass (Gloss)

Hammered Copper (Gloss)

Hammered Pique Copper (Gloss)

Polished Stainless Steel (Gloss)


Crocodile Skin (Aged Cast Brass)

Brushed Brass

Satin Brass

Aged Brass (Gloss)

Gold Chromium (Gloss)

Silver Chromium (Gloss)

Copper Chromium (Gloss)

Gold Plated Brass (Gloss)

Nickel Plated Brass (Gloss)

Copper Plated Brass (Gloss)

Black Nickel Plated Brass (Gloss)


Black Nickel Plated Brass (Matte)

Bright Copper (Gloss)

Wood Veneers

Birds Eye Veneer (Gloss)

Ebony Veneer (Gloss)

Poplar Veneer (Gloss)

Walnut Root Veneer (Gloss)


Ebony Royal (Matte / Gloss)

Straw Marquetry


Straw Marquetry Natural


Straw Marquetry Black

Marbles & Stones

Port Laurent Marble

Nero Marquina Marble


Sahara Noir Marble

Black And Gold Granite


New Imperador Marble




Emperador Light

Golden & Spider Marble

Estremoz Marble

Carrara Marble


Mother Of Pearl Ivory

Mother Of Pearl Gold

Aged Gold Powder

Gold Powder

Silver Powder

Copper Powder

Iridescent Green

Iridescent Caramel

Brown Translucent

Black Lacquer

White Lacquer


Bronze Mirror

Smoked Mirror

Clear Mirror

Aged Mirror


Bronze Glass

Smoked Glass

Clear Glass

Black Glass

Appliques & Handles

Exotica Handle Ruby

Exotica Handle Ambar

Exotica Handle Emerald

Burlesque Black Glass Pull

Burlesque Clear Glass Pull

Burlesque Bronze Glass Pull

India Pull (High Gloss Aged Brass)

Exotica Jewel Apliqué Emerald

Exotica Jewel Apliqué Ambar

Exotica Jewel Apliqué Ruby

Gem Blue

Gem Red

Gem Green

Gem Black

Eternity Glass Blue

Eternity Glass Red

Eternity Glass Green

Eternity Glass Soft Pink

Eternity Glass Yellow

Eternity Glass Black

Eternity Glass Ambar

Eternity Glass Clear

Outburst Glass Smoked

Outburst Glass Soft Pink

Outburst Glass Black

Outburst Glass Clear

Agate Stones

Amber Agate

Black Agate

Natural Agate