Top 5 Best Luxury Villas in Asia

If you’re a design lover and architecture enthusiast like us, and a big fan of Asia’s beautiful landscapes, we think you will fancy our list of the Top 5 Best Luxury Villas in Asia. Take a look.


Everyone has a different perception of how luxury architecture should be. While for some, the most important might be a breathtaking view of the ocean or a enormous mountain paradise, for others it can be the luxury perks and services.

Asia is known for its boundless and diverse culture, and of course, its unbelievable territory. And of course it’s no surprise that travelers and adventurers all around the world take at least one moment of their lives to admire such beauty.

5- Villa Sapi, Lombok, Indonesia

Luxury Villas in Asia

Here, tradition meets modernity: the main building takes after the the long houses common in Borneo, but has a contemporary, almost futuristic, extension that houses the home theatre; while the standalone, two-bedroom guesthouse goes down the modern route.

Luxury Villas in Asia

Service is equally luxe; guests will be well-taken-care-of by full team of 21 staff, including a villa manager, chef, butlers, housekeepers, and security guards.

4- Glasshouse — Niseko, Japan

Luxury Villas in Asia

Niseko’s most elegantly-appointed designer home, Glasshouse earns its name from its stunning glass facade that offers unrestricted views of Mount Yotei.

Luxury Villas in Asia

The warm and inviting five-bedroom chalet boasts modern interiors with an earthy feel while incorporating Japanese influences such as a Hinoki timber that is highly valued in Japan for its scent and texture. You can also warm up in the Japanese-style wooden bath or outdoor Jacuzzi.

3- Asimont Villas — Singapore

Luxury Villas in Asia

Made up of 21 villas in one of Singapore’s prime districts, the Asimont Villas is separated into seven different clusters.

Luxury Villas in Asia

The three-story villas boast four bedrooms and a private pool all of which are designed to come together to look like “floating boxes”. Bringing in a bit of nature into the space, are ingeniously placed apertures that allow for daylight to come filtering in.

2- Moon Shadow Villa — Koh Samui, Thailand

Luxury Villas in Asia

Designed by star architect Bodin Sritrakul, the Moon Shadow Villa is a multi award-winning landmark and emblem of excellence in Koh Samui. The clifftop luxury villa is made of three free-standing pavilions, offering four bedrooms, a turquoise terrazzo infinity pool, tropical gardens, and an eco-pond, overlooking the beautiful bay of Koh Samui Coral Cove.

Luxury Villas in Asia

Sritrakul designed the luxury villa with the environment in mind, and it is naturally cooled by a cutting-edge waterfall power system.

1- Iniala Beach House — Phuket, Thailand

Luxury Villas in Asia

Several of the world’s top talents came together to design the masterpiece that is Initial Beach House, including Brazil’s Campana brothers and Jaime Hayón of Spain. While all of the resort’s luxury villas are opulent in design, the centerpiece is the three-bedroom Collector’s Villa.

Luxury Villas in Asia

This indulgent stay boasts a living room inspired by the ceramic temple of Wat Arun, with walls encrusted with over 3,000 ceramic plates. There’s also the “Pearl Wall” which is completely covered in mother of pearl, a crystal dining sala, and a private cinema.

Source: Luxuo