Bulgari Celebrates Iconic Symbol – The Snake

Bulgari is celebrating one of its most iconic symbols, the snake, with an exhibition that opened to the public in Rome. possible to explore the snake’s charm throughout history, the symbol of the luxury house. The vernissage of the exhibition SerpentiForm explores humans’ longstanding use of serpent iconography, so it will be possible to explore the snake’s charm throughout history.

Snake’s Armilla, 1st century BC from Pompei, Casa Del Fauno, VI,  Archaeological Museum of Naples.


This installation, curated by the house heritage curator Lucia Boscaini and the house’s brand heritage department, pays tribute to a motif that has contributed to increasing the Maison’s creativity and worldwide recognition. SerpentiForm narrates with creativity how the snake has also inspired many important names in contemporary art, design, fashion, decorative arts and photography.

Isa Stoppi by Gian Paollo barbieri, for Vogue Italia 1964.

Bulgari Celebrates Iconic Symbol - The Snake jewelry designs

In more modern times, Bulgari fashioned the snake into bracelet watches in the 1940s, establishing the Serpenti shape that is now an integral part of the luxury brand’s image.
The exhibition path will unfold from ancient jewels to contemporary artworks of artists such as Keith Haring, Niki de Saint Phalle, Alexander Calder, Joana Vasconcelos. More than 40 one of a kind Serpenti Bulgari masterpieces from 1960s until today will illustrate the captivating evolution of this sinuous motif in the pioneering creativity of the Maison.

Serpenti Bracelet in gold with jade, rubies and diamonds, 1965 Bulgari Heritage Collection.


Millennia-old gems on loan from the Archaeological Museum of Naples include gold Pompeii bracelets that are simplistic yet powerfully talismanic. But it’s the contemporary works – art, sculpture, photography, even interiors pieces – that offer the most eclectic mix, and highlight what curator Lucia Bosaini calls ‘a creative and multifaceted journey into the imagination’ with a ‘playful take’.

Joana Vasconcelos, Pantelmina #3.

Images by famous photographers such as Robert Mapplethorpe and Helmut Newton, delightful vintage clothes by the best Italian fashion designers and creations from prestigious theatre and cinema archives will further enrich the eclectic set up.

“Serpenti Form” will run through April 10.