India Mahdavi Designs New REDvalentino Store in London

The worldwide known architect, India Mahdavi, has conceived REDvalentino the new flagship store in London. In collaboration with Pierpaolo Piccioli, REDvalentino creative director, the project seeks to convey an energetic and vibrant spirit, comprising combinations of color, texture, and material.

india-mahdavi-designs-redvalentinos-london-flagship-2 India Mahdavi

india-mahdavi-designs-redvalentinos-london-flagship-3 India Mahdavi

The 170 square meter REDvalentino store presents a brass and glass façade to the passing Sloane Street. Inside, India Mahdavi sought to create a dream-like atmosphere with striking contrasts, yet a harmonious overall mood. the sinuous lines of individual elements blend with the collections on display, animating the versatile and multiform space, which is primarily composed of three colors: white, pink, and ochre.

india-mahdavi-designs-redvalentinos-london-flagship-7 India Mahdavi india-mahdavi-designs-redvalentinos-london-flagship-4

REDvalentino creative director,explains ‘The initial idea, together with India, was to create an intimate and emotional space’. ‘A meeting place that favors dialogue, a virtual and real exchange of ideas. London is a dynamic, cosmopolitan and unique metropolis. it is important for me to have a REDvalentino store in this universe-city, center of constant evolution and multicultural activity.’

india-mahdavi-designs-redvalentinos-london-flagship-6 india-mahdavi-designs-redvalentinos-london-flagship-5

The Paris-based designer also said ‘my style is polyglot, polychrome, cross-cultured’. ‘Color is fundamental in my work, so is texture. I use texture like color, and I use color to bring light. being creative starts with imagination, is fed by inspiration, and ends with a story. When I met Pierpaolo, we really had a great connection – he was part of the inspiration and together we created a dream.

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India Mahdavi 

Born in Tehran, she was raised in America, Germany, and France. She studied in Paris’s École des Beaux-Arts and in New York’s School of Visual Arts and Parsons, before she settled in the French capital to work as artistic director for Christian Liaigre. The Iranian-born but Paris-based designer takes wood, ceramic, metal, and lacquer and combines them into playful, captivating interiors. Mahdavi attributes her love of color to her Irano-Egyptian heritage and cosmopolitan childhood, “…that’s how I bring the sunshine in my environments. Using color and more color, and then it makes places look happy as if being lit by the sun”.


Original post via DesignBoom.