Elle Decor Predicts The Color Trends for 2017

Elle Decor point out what Behr recently released about the new color trends for 2017. A curated collection of livable, fashion-forward hues are divided into 3 lifestyle collections of palettes — Confident, Composed, and Comfortable. Each one will be drawing decor tailored to help designers to create a home that fits each style and personality.

All the hues can easily combine within a theme of Composed, Confident or Comfortable and they can be mixed and matched across all three. The Comfortable range highlights muted pastels, from sweet, such as soft pinks and light blues, to bright colors like the yellow, that make the smallest of spaces pop. All with a feminine appeal and a sophisticated accent.


The Composed palette features a mix of mysterious earthy green colors and deep jewel tones. Polished Aqua walls are layered with deep blue-green trim, modern furnishings and sparkling gold accents. From traditional decor to the most contemporary spaces, this collection is very rich. Final, the Confident space embodies all that is fun about
color – it is adventurous and takes some risks. This creative range is perfect for those who love dramatic interior design, with an accent wall, the back of a door, or in a piece of furniture. The dusky blues, spicy reds, and lime greens, are certainly designed to captivate attention.

Color Trends 2017

Composed: Mineral Gray with deep jewel tones

The Color Trends for 2017 yellow kitchen interior design

Comfortable: Dusted Yellow paired with light

The Color Trends 2017 blue living room luxury homes

Confident: Polished Aqua

Elle Decoration Predicts The Color Trends for 2017 gold accent bedroom ideas

Composed: Laid Back Gray with sparkling gold accents

Elle Decoration Color Trends 2017 Pink

Comfortable: Pastel Pink

Elle Decor Predicts The Color Trends for 2017 luxury dining room

Comfortable: Balanced Green with feminine appeal

Elle Decoration Predicts The Color Trends for 2017 dark modern kitchen

Composed: Shades On mixed with mysterious gray

Elle Decor Color Trends 2017 living room neutral tones

Composed: Taupe Beige

Elle Decoration Predicts The Color Trends for 2017 dining room ideas interior design

Composed: Wanderlust

Trends for 2017 Interior design

Confident: Blue-Green in adventurous style

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