The Glade Restaurant in London is like a Whimsical Forest

Restaurant in London

The Glade, a restaurant in london, has just reopened after a renovation to make the intimate 32-seat space appear like a picnic in Wonderland. An existing decoupage mural by artists Carolyn Quartermaine and Didier Mahieu remains, but she returned to paint armchairs and settees in dreamy blues and purples, the same colors as the new silk velvet upholstery. Then, Alexandra Kehayoglou, a sculptor who also designs rugs that mimic pastoral landscapes, added a “forest floor” in mossy tufted wool.

Restaurant in London

Designed by Sketch founder Mourad Mazouz, the bar’s interiors create a peaceful atmosphere and offer a much-needed break from the city’s busy streets through a highly sensorial and immersive dining experience.

Restaurant in London


The restored space features a decoupage forest by Quartermaine and a hand-woven carpet by sculptor Alexandra Kehayoglou reminiscent of the thick moss and lush pine needles of a forest floor. The velvet upholstery in shades of green, violet, and cobalt blue brings an element of whimsy to the bar-cum-restaurant, which is accentuated by the coloured table tops that reflect the tinted glass ceiling above like bodies of water.

Restaurant in London

An experience is only truly immersive if the right senses are stimulated. This goes beyond taste and sight, even in a restaurant: The Glade’s soft lighting imitates rays of sunlight peeking through tree branches, as if in the middle of a forest. The finishing touch on the space is the self-playing illuminated piano, which ties the room together with a never-ending soundtrack.

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