KOKET goes ethnic chic

Imagine strolling along Amsterdam’s picturesque streets; old bridges create pathways through canal waters lined with charming row houses. It is in one of these attractive row houses where Robin Toetenel and Ingrid Steyrer, the design duo forming Ethnic Chic, revamped an empty house into a warm and sophisticated space while incorporating some KOKET pieces into the design. The result is a truly stunning canal house, full of custom furniture, lavish fabrics and finishes and quality craftsmanship.

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Ethnic Chic was originally opened in 2004 as a boutique in the heart of Amsterdam, selling unique and compelling home décor. After many requests for interior design projects, Toetenel and his first business partner began dabbling in interior design, and thus a designer was born.

The canal house project was worked on day and night to be completed within the 3-week timeframe. Custom furniture was flown in from all over the world to add cultural soul and character to the space, challenging the designers to find new products and brands. One of these exclusive brands is KOKET, whose tempting pieces are seen in the bedroom and living room designs of the canal house.

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The living room shape has grand ceilings and large windows which the designers used to their advantage. Decorated in tones of aubergine, the designers placed two matching Burlesque consoles on either side of the living room’s marble fireplace. The luxury console table’s acrobatic polished brass hoops of the base, paired with exotic reptile embossed velvet, added the spice the designers were looking for.

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The bedroom’s darker touches and rich finishes scream vintage Hollywood boudoir, and no boudoir is complete without a resting chaise. KOKET’s Envy chaise makes an opulent statement in the bedroom design, with soft button tufting and sleek polished brass feet. Above the bed, a Vivre 2-Ring chandelier casts a sultry glow, with the light shining behind 19 genuine agate slices. An edgy “indoor garden” kitchen room portrays a funkier vintage Hollywood vibe with faux bamboo chairs and tropical banana leaf, hand printed wallpaper.

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With the short timeline, Ethnic Chic managed to pull of the challenge of meeting the client’s needs while designing a remarkably cohesive space, which is something they pride themselves on. With another noteworthy project under their belt, the designers of Ethnic Chic have already moved onto the next challenge, where they are sure to rise to the occasion.

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“One of the key parts of our job is to challenge ourselves every day again. Come up with diferent solutions and designs for our clients. I love this part of the job! Never a dull moment.”