Top Interior Designers: Harry Heissmann

At the top of the list for trending interior designers, we commonly see the name Harry Heissmann. Born in Munich, Germany and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts there, Heissmann began to develop his eclectic and colorful love for design.  After leaving the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Harry decided to pack up his things and move to New York, though the trip there required some funding. In order to finance his big move to the “big apple”, Heissmann sold over 200 antique and vintage German Christmas tree stands, or “Christbaumstanders”. In the 1980’s, Heissmann began to collect Christmas tree stands in mass amounts. After selling them, his new collection began to focus on quality and uniqueness.


Harry Heissmann Portrait

Once he made it to New York, Harry decided to take this found appreciation for luxury items over quantitative ones and carry it into his design world. For the first 9 years of living in New York, Heissmann worked under the famed, Albert Hadley. With the privilege of working with such a renowned designer, he was able to reach clients with all different types of style and requests. Working with anything from traditional to contemporary, Heissmann created a “client-centric” approach to his work when founded Harry Heissmann Inc. He is so flexible with clients and allows them to be extremely involved in the design process, as it is the client’s space. Although there are only a few requirements the client must fit into while giving Heissmann design control; space is “served with a dose of humor and a smmi tin will never leave your space without a smile”. He believes his client cannot live without an object that amuses, has eyes or emanates some sort of humor.


Details of Kibs bay Showhouse colorful and eclectic bedroom. Photo by Peter Rymwid


Harry Heissmann’s Brooklyn Heights apartment eclectic living room. Photo by Russell Gera

“Craftsmanship is indicative of extensive experience, care and true luxury” – Harry Heissmann.

Heissmann was featured in House Beautiful, where he showcased a “Manhattan Penthouse Wonderland”. Here, he shows off his interpretation of ultimate luxury, including pieces that required dedicated craftsmanship and skilled artisan work to create. Heissmann says the two things that inspire his work are history and Albert Hadley. To create this Manhattan wonderland, the client and Heissmann worked together using, a bed in the center of the living room, a fireplace that had its own “personality” and a disco ball, just to name a few. These requirements did not intimidate Heissmann at all, and he found pieces that were absolutely stunning and would leave no guest silent or bored with the space they have entered, which was the end goal of the client. This is just one minor detail of this incredibly designed space. And again only one of the many homes and spaces Harry Heissmann Inc. has designed.


Kibs bay showhouse unconventional bathroom décor by Harry Heissmann


Details of mirror in Kibs bay showhouse by Harry Heissmann

From his collection of Christmas tree stand holders to luxury penthouse apartments in Manhattan, Harry Heissmann has had an eye for “unique and antique”, which has created an amazing platform and put him at the top of the list of interior designers. His eclectic, colorful and risk-taking approach, will continue to serve many satisfied clients in years to come.


Manhattan penthouse living by Harry Heissmann. Photo by Johnny Valiant for House Beautiful


Kibs bay Showhouse colorful and eclectic bedroom. Photo by Peter Rymwid

Source:  Art Mest*