10 purple bedroom decorating ideas to apply now

Make a bold and inspiring statement with your purple bedroom this year. Infusion with ultraviolet color and accents are taking over fashion and design in 2018. The luxurious, princely purple was chosen to be the 2018 color of the year. Purple emphasizes ingenuity, individuality and progressive thinking. Inspired by mysteries of the cosmos, purple is lighting the way of what is to come this year.


William Waldron; Interior Design by Kimberly Hall

Often, bright, bold and statement colors intimidate an audience when it’s time for out with the old and in with the new. But what better time to venture outside of your comfort zone than with a new and improved aesthetic. Even if you are someone who doesn’t love color or vibrancy, there are so many ways to work with purple in your bedroom this year. Decorating a purple bedroom can be made easy with some tips and tricks to make it right for you. So here are ten amazing ways to use purple bedroom decor:

Fifty (thousand) Shades of Purple

Steve Freihon; Interior Design by Alexa Hampton

When looking into your purple bedroom decor ideas, consider the endless amounts of shades you have potential for. Purple is not one color, its thousands of colors under one name. Your purple room could range from light lavender to rich mulberry, and they become completely different spaces. You can even use an exact color match of the purple you adore.

Confined by the Walls you Create

Steve Freihon; Interior Design by Alexa Hampton

Also, remember the space around you, you have options to paint just the walls or just the ceiling. While using only walls if you work with light lavender, it’s almost like a chic twist on a neutral color. Putting a burst of color just on your ceiling adds a simple, yet striking design style.

Accessorize in Purple

Mikkel Vang; Interior Design by Alex Papachristidis

Life is all about having the perfect accessories, so why not make that true of your bedroom too. If you are timid in your use of pop of color, use your portable bedroom accessories; pillows, lamp shades, artwork, etc.

No Rule Followers Allowed

William Waldron; Interior Design by Kimberly Hall

Designing a bedroom is your free range to do as you please. Add color and style wherever you feel it fits best. Do not think that there are certain rules or guidelines for what is your inspiration and creation.

Spa Day

Björn Wallander; Interior Design by Ann Pyne

The color purple is very serene and calming. From any shade of your choice, adding purple to your bedroom can help enhance your feeling of happiness and serenity in your space.

Purple is the New Black

Simon Upton; Produced by Anita Sarsidi

From first thought, purple does not seem so versatile, but when diving into the logistics of the color, it is actually a delightful pick for your bedroom. Not only does it vary in shades, but it compliments with oranges, reds, and makes the green in plants or paintings really flourish. Test out if you like purple on a large surface by looking into purple bedding and wall coverings.

Pattern over Plain

William Waldron; Interior Design by Lara Apponyi and Michael Woodcock

Enhance your personal flavor by using purple paint, wall coverings, bedding, etc. with pattern instead of just plain color. Sometimes too, the pattern can add a more simple addition of the color instead of an overwhelming solid.

Orchid Inspired

Simon Upton; Interior Design by Haynes-Roberts

Match your favorite flowers, and plants with the surrounding purple colors. You can choose the most beautiful shades of flowers from your elegant use of purples around the room.

Dim the Lights

Joshua McHugh; Interior Design by Kimille Taylor

Do not be afraid to use dark colors! Often times in a bedroom with a lot of light coming in from the city surrounding it, dark colored rooms really pop. The light can enter in and it can feel as though at night you are just watching a movie play around you.


Dominique Vorillon; Interior Design by Kim Alexandriuk

While using all of these techniques and inspirations to create your perfect purple room, one of the most important ideas to keep in mind is the balance of your choices. The bedroom is all about rest and relaxation and using this feeling, you make your design decisions.

Source: Elle Decor*