Living Room Trends for 2016

Living Room Trends for 2016 – We’ve made a very specific research to help you finding the living room trends for 2016 !  Let’s find which are the best decoration trends to get a perfect and trendy room design at home interiors. Different colors and different materials will ensure that any living room is the perfect space to receive guests, thanks to the room decoration. So, check out what are the trends and start right now planning your living room for 2016!

Project with the NYMPH chandelier by Koket.

Living room trends for 2016

Clear Living Room with a beautiful chandelier NYMPH by Koket.

Project with VAMP and GIA chandelier by Koket.

Living room trends for 2016

Project with VAMP and GIA chandelier also uses high natural lighting.

Gold is a worldwide synonym of luxury and richness. And, for 2016, it will be present in every room design to get a more curated and elegant room decoration. The use this type of metallic material is very simple and, while is something new for you, you can use it in small details on your living room. A gold chandelier, a gold center table or side table or just a gold detail on a table lamp can give a completely new style to your living room and create a luxury ambiance.

Project with CAPRICHOSA and the GIA chandelier by Koket.

Living room trends for 2016

Project with CAPRICHOSA and the GIA chandelier.

And, of course, there colors that will have all the protagonist during 2016. All shadows of pink and blue will fill the living rooms. It could be on small details, on wall painting or in furniture pieces, but what can miss in a trendy living room for 2016 is a touch of blue or pink. You can combine different types of these colors in the room decoration of the living room to create contrast.

Living Room Trends for 2016

Modern side table in a black and white contrast.

If this kind of grey is more your thing, you might want to take a cue from this current home trend. Inky walls made a big splash this year and seem to be picking up steam for 2016. The great thing about this is you can really get creative with the tone.

Living room trends for 2016

Project designed by Boca do Lobo and Brabbu.

Tech-filled homes certainly aren’t going anywhere,  more and more families are opting to keep their family rooms unplugged in order to facilitate more family time. This living room is proof that a house can look smart without being full of gadgets.

Living room trends for 2016

A clear environment and extreme natural lighting usage.

Living room trends for 2016

An elegant project using light colours by Brabbu  and Delightfull.

Living room trends for 2016

The combinations of the tones of grey and green, it is always a good idea.

2016 brings the opportunity to give a new dramatic look to living room. How? Especially with colors. Strong and bold colors will appear in the most curated room design and on the best projects from the top home decorators!

Living room trends for 2016

A more neutral project that suits in every environment.

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