ASIA Chair | Luxury chair by Koket
Asia Chair by KOKET
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Asia Chair by KOKET
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A modern twist with an Asian vibe. The classic KOKET solid brass “three leg” chair supports a classic Asian inspired back with a loose pillow cushion.


As Shown

Base: Polish brass
Upholstery: Satina lux color black from the KOKET collection


Base: Available in polished brass or stainless steel
Upholstery: Available in any upholstery suitable textile from the KOKET collection or COM or COL


1 meter fabric width 1,4 meters or 1,4 sq meters
Leather 1,6 sq meters or 18 sq feets


Care for textiles by vacuuming or lightly brushing. Maintain textiles by keeping them away from direct sunlight. Rotate and flip cushions when vacuuming for even wear.
The nap of high pile textiles such as velvets may become crushed or lose its original pile height. We recommend light steaming to lift the pile to its original height. The textile should also be brushed with a de-linting brush to maintain its pile. Water based or solvent cleaner may cause discoloration or staining. We recommend that stained or soiled textiles be professionally cleaned.
Never use cleaners with alcohols or solvents on metals.
Only used fine cotton or extra soft cloths.
We recommend that tarnished metals be professionally cleaned.


W. 65 cm / 25.5 in

D. 55 cm / 21.6 in

H. 83 cm / 32,6 in
Seat H. 46 cm / 18,1 in
Seat D. 62 cm / 20 in


37 Kg / 81.5 Pounds



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