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Sinful Cabinet by KOKET
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Sinful Cabinet by KOKET
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Indulge in a little naughtiness, especially if you have a place to store your sinful secrets. The Sinful cabinet is the perfect mix of daring and modern. Covered in a black stingray patterned leather upholstery, valuables can be contained in sleek black glass drawers with polished gold accents.


As Shown

Structure: High gloss black lacquer;
Base: Gold leaf
Doors: Black stingray leather; (4 sq mts or 45 sq ft required)
Drawers: Black RAL lacquer with a polished brass frame and black velvet interior
Detailing: Cast brass hardware
Top: Black glass


Structure: Any RAL color lacquer; high gloss or matte finish
Base: Available in gold, silver or copper leaf
Doors: Black stingray leather or any textiles from KOKET collection (4 sq mts or 45 sq ft required)
Drawers: Available in any RAL color front with the frame in polished brass, stainless steel or copper and a black velvet interior
Detailing: Cast brass hardware available in gold, nickel or copper finish
Top: Black glass


Leather: 1,6 sq meters or 18 sq feets


Wood, lacquered, and linen pieces have been stained and/or polished to bring depth and beauty to each finish. Although most are protected with either a clear coat or wax, they are still susceptible to wear.
Care for your wood and lacquer pieces by dusting regularly with a soft cloth. Maintain wood, lacquer and mother of pearl by not placing near heaters and air conditioning units to prevent over-drying or exposure to excessive moisture.
Avoid extreme humidity changes in your home, as extremely dry air can cause wood to crack and lacquer to lift. Do not place/leave hot or moist objects directly on the wood. Rubber or plastic left on the wood finish can also damage the finish. Clean by using a dry or slightly damp soft cloth. Follow by polishing with a dry soft cloth. Do not use commercial, heavy-duty polishes or waxes, as they can yellow light finishes.


W. 180 cm / 70,2 in

D. 40 cm / 15,6 in

H. 100 cm / 39 in


165 Kg / 363 Pounds



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