OBSSEDIA Console | Luxury console table by Koket
Obssedia Console by KOKET
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Obssedia Console by KOKET
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Initially it is a console. Then it becomes a console cut from clear glass. Your eyes begin to wander down, drinking in the rhythmic design of the aluminum base, following every crevice leading down only to head back up; compelling you to continue staring. Soon enough, the simplicity of the console disappears, leaving only an intoxicating illusion of art coming to life.


As Shown

Top: Smoked glass
Base: Gold plated cast aluminum


Top: Available in smoked, bronze or clear glass
Base: Available in gold plated cast aluminum, any RAL color, or gold, silver or copper leaf


No requirements


Clean polished metal or polished stainless with a damp cloth. Do not use commercial or heavy duty polishes or waxes, as they may scratch or damage the finish. Polishes we do recommend are Brasso, Simichrome, or our favorite Flitz; these can be used without inflicting damage even for the unskilled user, unless the polished surface has a wax sealer coat. These polishes will remove the wax while polishing the metal, but the surface would then have to be re-waxed if it is on a metal that needs to be sealed.
Glass and crystal can be cleaned by wiping with a soft damp cloth or glass cleaner with no additives. Apply glass cleaner to a soft cloth rather than directly on to the fixture to avoid overspray that may damage other finishes.


W. 150 cm / 58,5 in

D. 50 cm / 19,5 in

H. 91 cm / 35,5 in


107 Kg / 235 Pounds



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