CAMILIA armoire wardrobe | Modern cabinet by Koket
Camilia Armoire by KOKET
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Camilia Armoire by KOKET
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Designed passionately and exquisitely by the incomparable talents powering KOKET, the Camilia Armoire was created to grace the most regal of dining rooms with its elegance and splendor. Inspired by the aristocratic palaces of the Alexandrian pashas of Egypt, the mother of pearl Camilia is crowned by artisan hand-carved peacock, meticulously engraved and delicately finished in metal leaf.


As Shown

Structure: Gold mother of pearl
Base: Cast brass feet
Top: Gold leaf
Detailing: Hand-carved gold leaf
Interior: 4 Antique mirror drawers, 2 adjustable bronze glass shelves


Structure: Gold or ivory mother of pearl
Base: Cast brass feet, available in gold, nickel or copper
Top: Gold, copper or silver leaf
Detailing: Hand-carved gold, copper or silver leaf
Interior: 4 Antique mirror drawers in bronze or smoked mirror and 2 Adjustable Glass shelves, bronze or smoked glass
Interior Wood in any RAL color or KOKET wood veneer


Wood, lacquered, and linen pieces have been stained and/or polished to bring depth and beauty to each finish. Although most are protected with either a clear coat or wax, they are still susceptible to wear.
Care for your wood and lacquer pieces by dusting regularly with a soft cloth. Maintain wood, lacquer and mother of pearl by not placing near heaters and air conditioning units to prevent over-drying or exposure to excessive moisture. Avoid extreme humidity changes in your home, as extremely dry air can cause wood to crack and lacquer to lift. Do not place/leave hot or moist objects directly on the wood. Rubber or plastic left on the wood finish can also damage the finish. Clean by using a dry or slightly damp soft cloth. Follow by polishing with a dry soft cloth. Do not use commercial, heavy-duty polishes or waxes, as they can yellow light finishes. We recommend that stained or soiled wood, lacquer or mother of pearl pieces be professionally cleaned or refinished.


W. 110 cm / 42,9 in

D. 48 cm / 18,7 in

H. 255 cm / 99,5 in


234 Kg / 515 Pounds



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