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  • KOKET at ICFF New York 2015
  • KOKET at ICFF New York 2015
  • KOKET at ICFF New York 2015
Guilty Pleasures at ICFF

  • KOKET’s sultry collection will seize guests with guilty pleasure at ICFF in New York.

    Decadence and design are one in the luxurious inky black KOKET booth 2049 as we return to the annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair during May 16 -19.

    This high impact, lavish presentation of KOKET’s daring collection of provocative design, features desirable curves, exotic and lux materials, delicately intricate details, and supreme quality, all within a sensual and lavish black booth with gold accents.
    KOKET pieces reflect the empowering and voluptuous curves of the modern woman. Embrace yourself in the arms of a Sevillana dancing girl when you relax on the fiery red Sevillana sofa, entrancing you with the movement of modern lines leading to a flirty fringe base. The matt gold hammered brass band of the Desire chair outlines its silky, satin curves the way the mind outlines the female desire.

    The tempting pieces of the Guilty Pleasures collection are not only eye-catching for their daring designs, but also for the striking and lavish finishes. The Drapesse chair, a Nelly Rodi approved trend, has the KOKET lavish and sensuous edge in the supple black velvet and modern flair upholstery fabrics, and sleek polished brass feet. The unexpected gold twists in the magically evocative ribbon of the Chloe sconce, awaken your deepest senses giving you the impression of being wrapped in the impulsive charm of a little girl.

    The intricate details make a KOKET piece more than furniture, but a love affair with luxury design. Inspired by the richness of traditional Venetian mirrors the Addicta makes for an opulent statement with its hand carved details and subversive glamour. The textured, hammered brass of the Guilt mirror explodes like a sunburst around a perfectly convex mirror center.

    Explore our provocative collection of statement pieces that produce a lustful desire inside all who lay eyes upon them. Meet all the stars of the Guilty Pleasures collection at the Javits Center in NYC, May 16 – 19, booth 2049 level 1.

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