My Visit to Printemps, Paris

Your travelling experience in Paris is simply not complete until you pay a visit to Printemps, a fashion institution in the “City of Lights” since 1865. Printemps stakes its claim as an indispensable monument offering a slice of French history and culture. At the very heart of Parisian life, its transformations set the tone for Jules Jaluzot, a visionary with a passion for commerce, who built an essential part of the heritage of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

This quick trip to Printemps, with an early taste of snow, tourists and visitors of Maison et Objet, should no doubt be considered, extraordinary. Especially when it includes sparkling windows and a whole world of Chanel behind a simple sheet of glass. Inside that window you can feel and smell Chanel, and believe me: it smells divine!

Across the shopping, it is unavoidable not to be impressed by watching Dior, and earing the doll’s song: Squeakiddy-squeak-squeak. Thousands of tourist’s flashbulbs capture the moment!  Here, everything seems to be new, glamorous and lovely. Whether you crave the latest item from Prada or timeless classics from Cartier, Printemps has the most up-to-date selections Paris’ fashion can offer.

When I took a break on my visit to Printemps, I was looking at one of the eight restaurants. I was very confused and needed to think well, concentrating my brain after all the sightseeing in this magnificent building where everyone can enjoy anything from French and Russian cuisine to sweet treats. When I take a closer look at the variety of restaurants, I finally choose a gourmet experience. Printemps offers a lot of options to suit every taste, for that essential stage in a sightseeing day around Paris.

Printemps restaurants

Now that Maison et Objet ended, I will not leave Paris without letting pass an important sneak peek into another hot place in Paris: the Galeries Lafayette.

With love, Janet Morais.

  • Pilar Moreno

    I really love this article! I was in Paris last year but i I had no opportunity to visit Printemps. By the way, this article left me inspired to visit Paris again!